Legendary MGM Grand Slot Pays Out $2.4 MILLION After 20 Years

An infamous slot machine in the MGM Grand Casino called the Lion’s Share hasn’t paid out in 20 years, until now. INSIDE EDITION has more on the big pay day for one happy couple.

The man who just won $2.4 million from a slot machine in Las Vegas can't believe his luck.

Walter Misco said, "It came as a real shock."

But it was no ordinary slot machine. It hadn't paid out a jackpot in more than 20 years!

"We're honored to be the people who hit this machine!" said Misco.

Walter and Linda Misco, horse farmers from New Hampshire, were the winners of the jackpot who caused the bittersweet ending for a legendary slot machine at the MGM Grand Hotel, known as the "Lion's Share."

The machine is so old, it even has the old-fashioned "one-armed bandit" handle.

As the Lion's Share jackpot grew and grew over the years, every gambler was drawn to this machine.

One frustrated player from three years ago said, "Two point two million, baby! Come on get there!" and then "Awww!" when he did not win.

It was estimated that the Lion's Share was played every five seconds for the past 20 years, which works out to be more than 126 million bets before the big pay day.

"There were always five or six standing in line to play the machine," said Misco.

Even Misco had to wait his turn, but it was worth the wait.

Now, the Lion's Share has roared for the last time, and it has been retired. The horse farmer who tamed the Lion hopes to take it home.

"I can't wait to see that machine in my living room!" said Walter.