Tips For Making Products Last Longer

From razors to bananas to sponges, INSIDE EDITION has tips to make your products last a lot longer.

Everybody wants flowers to look fresh for more than just a few days, right? So what's the secret?

Lifestyle expert Kris Schoels tells INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent that the alcohol slows the bacterial growth, keeping the flowers fresher, longer. You can also use mouthwash!

“Apparently, the plants like to drink the vodka,” explains Schoels.

Trent responded, “Just like the rest of us!"

"So we're going to pour a little bit into the water, so we've just filled up a vase like we'd normally do. Then eyball about a shot," said Schoels.

Sponges are the dirtiest things in your home. But, you don't have to throw them away just because they're full of bacteria.

To decontaminate, pour white vinegar over a wet sponge, and put it in the microwave for two minutes.

“Not only does it disinfect your sponges, it going to also disinfect the microwave,” said Scholes.

You can also clean dirty sponges in the dishwasher.

And, how about bananas that ripen too fast?

“These you can make banana bread out of. And the reason why they are still like this is because if they are not separated they continue to emit the gas that ripens them. So, in order to save your bananas, unless you want a lot of banana bread, is to actually break them apart and store them separately,” responded Schoels.

Separated, they'll last twice as long.

And, bet you didn't know that pantyhose last longer if they're kept in the freezer!

“What the freezer does is actually strengthen the fibers and prevents the runs in the pantyhose. You’re rushing out the door, you've got the run in the hose. Nobody wants that,” commented Schoels

Turns out, the freezer is also a great place to store candles.

“It actually slows down the burning process so they burn a lot longer and then the other thing, which is my favorite thing that it does, is they drip less so you don't end up with wax all over your countertops,” said Schoels.

And who knew a vacuum cleaner can make your hair dryer last longer?

Scholes said, “Dust kind of collects in the back here, and it can burn out the motor. So all you need to do is vacuum it out, which I am going to let you do!"

Razors are very expensive. So, to make them last longer, you can sharpen them! Here's how: simply run your razor backwards against a pair of old jeans about 20 times. The blade will last up to twice as long!

Great money-saving tips to help everything last longer!