9-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Dons Elaborate Beetlejuice Costume for Halloween

Credit: Deanna Alfano
Credit: Deanna Alfano

The boy is wheelchair-bound so his parents always incorporate his wheelchair into his costumes.

An Illinois 9-year-old with Cerebral Palsy gets to don the most elaborate Halloween costumes each year, and this year he’s Beetlejuice.

The parents of Anthony Alfano wanted to pay homage to the movie as this year is its 30th anniversary. Anthony, who is wheelchair-bound, will be dressed as Beetlejuice as his sits on a couch from a scene with Harry the Hunter.

“Because Beetlejuice was on sitting on the couch made it the perfect scene to recreate,” Deanna Alfano told InsideEdition.com. “People are speechless when they see it.”

Anthony's parents always choose costumes that can accommodate his wheelchair.

This year, they built a mock coach around his wheelchair and used a 3D printer to create the small head for the movie character Harry the Hunter. They even found mannequins at Sears to create the characters' bodies for the scene.

Last year, Anthony was the wheel from “Wheel of Fortune,” and before that he was a snow globe.

“Once he’s in his costume he totally he laughs and smiles and definitely loves the attention,” Alfano said.

Anthony, who is nonverbal, has transitioned into using a power wheelchair this year so Alfano said he is gaining a little more independence.

Alfano said they plan on continuing the fun for the foreseeable future.