9-Year-Old Girl Dies on Her Birthday After Freak Accident on Her Bike

The 9-year-old was riding her bike when the unthinkable happened.

Charlie’s funeral was Sept. 20.

It was a tragic day for a Kentucky family after a 9-year-old girl was killed in a “freak accident” on her birthday.

Charlene “Charlie” Sipes was riding her bike on Tuesday when she fell and the bike’s handlebar brake hit her neck, severing her artery near her Hodgenville home, according to reports. 

Tiffany Fischer, Charlie’s mom, found her daughter and carried her back home, but she didn’t make it, WDRB reported. 

Her mother took to Facebook after Charlie’s death to express her deep sadness. 

“I am a mother who lost her entire heart. I lost my entire world on Tuesday,” Fischer wrote. “I loved that little girl with every ounce of my being. I lived because of her. She gave me purpose.”

A GoFundMe campaign titled “In Memory of Charlie” was created by one of Fischer’s friends, Lisa Deweese, and has already raised more than $13,000. It had a $2,000 goal. 

Charlie’s funeral was Sept. 20, according to the campaign page

“Yesterday we said goodbye. The gathering couldn’t have been more beautiful,” Deweese wrote. “Tiffany, John [Charlie’s dad] and their family are so grateful for the generosity of this community and beyond. It’s truly a blessing.”