Unmasked? New Clues to Identity of ISIS Terrorist. Is He American?

The FBI is looking for help in identifying the latest masked ISIS terrorist to make a threatening video. INSIDE EDITION speaks with a top linguistics professor for possible clues.

Who is the monster behind the mask? An ISIS terrorist speaks perfect English and may be an American.

In a video, he said, “The flames of war are only beginning to intensify! The fighting has just begun! We're here just outside the city of Raqqa.”

The FBI posted the video on its website saying "The FBI needs your help identifying the individual."

INSIDE EDITION asked linguistics professor Phillip Carter to analyze the voice.

He said, “He is a fluent speaker of English. He is an educated speaker. He is literate. He says 'outside' and he also says 'carried out' and that feature is quite distinctive.”

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked Professor Carter, "What are you able to determine about where this guy might be from?"

Professor Carter said, “He's not from the U.S. South. He's not from the West Coast. He's not from the Texas South, he's not from probably most parts of the Midwest. We can hone in on Canada, upper Midwest, and parts of New England.”

That would mean the States just below the border with Canada: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and then the states of Maine and other parts of new England.

Professor Carter said judging by the accent, the terrorist probably grew up speaking both English and Arabic at home.

There are other clues that may help identify him. The outline of his face beneath his mask can be seen. The FBI is trying to bring out that image via computer analysis.

In the video, the terrorist said, “The fighting has just begun!” But for you, pal, it just might be the beginning of the end.