Teacher's Breathtaking Face-To-Face Pic with Monster Shark

In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, a teacher shares her breath-taking pictures of a very close encounter with a shark.

Amanda Brewer, the teacher who shot a breath-taking photo, relived the incredible moment she came face-to-face with a great white shark to INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian.

Brewer said, “The shark was about two feet away.”

Watch Brewer's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Brewer also shot a video which she has given exclusively to INSIDE EDITION. She showed how close she got to those fearsome jaws.

The New Jersey art teacher was in South Africa doing volunteer work with a shark conservation group.

In the GoPro video, the protective cage she was in can be seen when the shark suddenly lunged out of the water.

“I was about eye level with water, so when the shark popped out, the camera was in the right place and caught the shark,” she said.

Fabian asked, “So, you could have touched it?”

“I could but that's a big no-no in conservation,” she replied.

Brewer was amazingly cool.  

Fabian asked, “You weren't scared at all?”

“Not at all. I've had a passion for sharks since I was a little kid, so, I wanted to be in that water more than anything,” she replied.

In the video Brewer shot, a shark could be seen wrestling with the bait bag and it lunged for the bait.

Brewer is such a shark fan she's got one tattooed on her shoulder. Now, she has that amazing photo of the real thing to go with it.