Comedian's Beef with Burger King

Funnyman Billy Eichner has some beef with Burger King after he claims the fast food giant ripped off his comedy routine. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

What do you call a fast-talking comedian who claims a Burger King TV ad is ripping off his act? How about a guy with a beef?

Billy Eichner shot to fame with “Billy on the Street" which appeared on FUSE TV.

In one skit, he went up to someone on the street and asked, "For one dollar, who would you rather meet? Your mother or Neil Patrick Harris?”

The guy said, “Neil Patrick Harris."

Eichner surprised the guy and said, "He's right here!"

Eichner's manic mayhem was a hit at this year's Emmy Awards, when he hit the streets with Seth Meyers.

He went up to people asking, "For a dollar name this year's Emmy host?

The guy responded, "I couldn't."

Eichner said, "No idea? I'll give you a hint. He's standing right next to me."

The confused guy said, "Seth MacFarlane."

Eichner screamed, "No!"

But now Eichner says he's got a whopper of a complaint.

In a Burger King ad, a frantic guy asks kids questions about the cost of chicken nuggets. Remind you of anyone?

Billy Eichner tweeted: "Hey Burger King thanks for stealing my act for ur new commercial! Except it's not as funny & everyone knows you stole it. Get your own ideas."

Matt Lauer asked on the Today show, "Coincidence, or rip-off?"

Everyone on the cast said, "Rip-off."

Emma Bazilian of Newsweek said, "I don't know if Burger King has done anything legally wrong, but just considering the backlash they have been getting from Billy Eichner fans and anyone who is familiar with them. Obviously, it doesn't look good that they have been ripping off a comedian."

Funnyman Seth Rogen is with Eichner all the way, tweeting: "Yo Burger King, stop stealing from the hilarious Billy Eichner."

No comment yet from Burger King.