Tony Stewart Slapped with Fine for Slamming Into Rival's Car

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart’s fans are coming to his defense saying the recent fines he received are unfair. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Tony Stewart fans are fighting mad!

The NASCAR star has just been slapped with a $25,000 fine for putting his car in reverse and apparently, deliberately slamming into a rival driver's car.

The incident happened last weekend at the Bank of America 500 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Now, some of Stewart’s many fans are saying he’s getting and unfair share of the blame. They say driver Brad Keselowski started the fight when he hit Stewart’s rear bumper.

The INSIDE EDITION Facebook page is blowing up with reaction.

"They are trying to make him look like the bad guy here and he isn't," said one post.

Another remarked, “I don't blame Tony Stewart at all for backing into Brad's car after Brad hit him (after the race!) Brad K was out of control."

Brad Keselowski aggressive action on the track resulted in a $50,000 fine, double the fine levied on Stewart.

First, he  bumped into one car, and then sideswiped another car when the race was already over.

Later, the driver of that car got into it mano-a-mano with Keselowski.