New Year's Eve Security Concerns

There will be celebrations across America to ring in 2015, but are protestors planning to crash the party? INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Welcome 2015! Sydney, Australia, got an early start to the New Year and there were spectacular fireworks in Hong Kong.
As New Year's celebrations spread hour by hour across the planet, preparations were under way in New York’s Times Square, the crossroads of the world.

The entire event will be monitored from surveillance cameras on giant screens in a high tech operations center.

An NYPD spokesperson said, "On the right side wall we have another six camera pane."  

Revelers gather to welcome 2015 at a tense moment with the ever-present threat of terrorism and the additional worry about anti-police street protests.

After the assassination of two New York cops before Christmas, there is a fear of more attacks on police.

NYPD Chief James O'Neill said at a press conference, "As we send police officers out we tell them to look out for each other and work together and make sure we all stay safe."
A flyer has been circulating on social media that asks people to invade Times Square where a million revelers are expected for the world's biggest New Year’s Eve party. Protests are also planned for Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.

Security expert Steve Kardian says Times Square will be locked down tighter than a drum, even the manhole covers.

Kardian told INSIDE EDITION, “Trash cans, mailboxes, any receptacle that can contain something than can harm us has already been taken away. This manhole cover is marked to be welded shut to that nobody can get in and nobody can come from beneath."

There's also another New Year's danger: drunk driving. California's Newport Beach Police came up with a PSA to prevent drunken driving tragedies.

In the video they sing to the tune of "Jingle Bells:" “We'll know if you've been drinking. We'll know if you are drunk. We'll tow your car. You'll land in jail. And then you will be sunk so, you better not drive after you drink. You better catch a cab or a ride home I think. In Newport beach we're watching the streets.”

Welcome to a safe 2015.