Family Dragged In Van For 16 Miles By Semi in Wicked Weather

A family lucky to be alive tells INSIDE EDITION their terrifying story of being dragged in their van by a semi for 16 miles in wicked weather.

Blinded by a snowstorm, a dad drives his SUV into the rear of a semi and gets stuck there as the truck drives on.

His wife called 911.

Caller: "We ran into the back of a semi-truck and he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it."

911 operator: "Ok, are you able to like, honk your horn or something maybe to get him to notice?"

Caller: "No. We have nothing. We've lost everything."

911 Operator: "Ok. We've got an officer that's headed your way."

The family van was trapped under the rear bumper. Unware of the accident, the truck driver continued down the highway for 16 long, terrifying miles.

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Caller: "Our windshield is completely shattered. I can't see nothing."

The damaged SUV had no power, no steering, no brakes, no lights, and no horn. But dad, Matthew Menz stayed remarkably cool.

Dad: "If the van breaks off from underneath of him, I don't have any control of this thing. So, wherever your officers are, I'd appreciate if they'd get in front of him and stop him."

911 operator: "Ooh, it'd be pretty scary."

Dad: "Oh yeah! First for me!"

Matt told INSIDE EDITION, "Sixteen miles of complete and utter helplessness. We had no control over anything!"

It happened on a remote stretch of Interstate 75 on Michigan's upper peninsula. The family of four was returning from vacation in Florida and were greeted by a blast of arctic weather that is causing chaos all over America.

Trapped inside the van, the family feared the worst.

Their daughter said, "I told my mom and my dad and my brother that I loved them, because I didn't know and I was paranoid and freaked out."

After 23 minutes, police safely pulled the truck over.

Driver: "We're finally stopped!"

911 operator: "I can hear you're not moving anymore."

A happy ending to a bizarre highway mishap.