Exclusive: 'Teen Mom' Star's Lip Enhancement Procedure Nightmare

The young woman who found fame on the TV show Teen Mom is making headlines again, thanks to a lip procedure that she says went wrong. She talked exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about it.

It's the photo that's shocking everyone of reality TV star Farrah Abraham's lip so swollen she's barely recognizable.

She tweeted the shots of her inflamed lip from the emergency room with a warning: "Girlfriends, don't say I didn't warn ya."

Now, Abraham is speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about the cosmetic procedure that she says went so horribly wrong.

"I could have died," said Abraham. 

"I wanted to avoid the pain of getting injected repeatedly over years. So, I was looking for a permanent lip implant," she explained.

Abraham, who shot to fame on MTV's Teen Mom series, went in last week to get a permanent lip implant.

Abraham says she got a life threatening allergic reaction to the numbing solution that cut off her airway.

"Right away, my lip blew up," said Abraham.

She's no stranger to plastic surgery. INSIDE EDITION was with her in 2012 when she got both a nose job and a chin implant on the same day.

But Abraham says last week's lip enhancement procedure by another doctor was anything but good.

She is now taking steroids to reduce the swelling which could take six weeks to heal.

The San Diego plastic surgeon who worked on her lip enhancement, Dr. Roy David, says he couldn't comment on her case because of privacy reasons. But told us in a statement he has: "Never performed an unsafe procedure. Allergic reactions to local anesthetic are very rare, and unpredictable."