Ending Reign of Terror in France: An Expert Analysis

INSIDE EDITION spoke to terrorism experts on the takedown of the hostage situation in Paris.

We're learning more about how it all went down as French police stormed the kosher supermarket.

INSIDE EDITION asked counter terrorism expert Harry Houck to analyze the video.

Houck said, "The overall execution was fantastic. They did a brilliant job. They had it very well planned out. They hit the door. It looks like they started getting gunfire right away. They threw in a flash bang, or a concusion grenade and went inside. It looks like one of the officers was shot during that time because in the video we see one of them down on the ground."

Hear More From Houck.

The gun battle with police at the kosher supermarket lasted several minutes.

Among the hostages rescued was a small child. Another hostage was carried out on someone's shoulder.

Terrorism expert Dr. Harvey Kushner followed every moment of the drama as it unfolded.

Kushner told INSIDE EDITION, "The concern in law enforcement authority is that this is the new normal, and people are used to it and willing to accept it."

Our experts said it was wise to coordinate the raid on the supermarket with the raid on the printing plant north of Paris where the two Kouachi brothers were holed up.

Houck said, "They weren't going to be able to get these terrorists to surrender, so a decision had to be made to attack both locations at the same time."

The grocery store hostages who lost their lives were believed to have been shot by the terrorists.

"Hopefully, when you attack a situation like that you get all the hostages out," said Houck.