Bill Cosby's Message To Fans

Embattled comedian Bill Cosby continues to tour around the country and INSIDE EDITION has his message for fans.

Embattled Bill Cosby is defying a planned protest at his shows in Denver this weekend, saying, "I'm ready."

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several of the 30-plus Cosby accusers, is expected to take part in the protests.

In a statement to the Denver Post, Cosby says he's not fazed, writing, " I have thousands of loyal, patient and courageous fans that are going to leave their homes to enjoy an evening of laughter...I'm ready!"

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm far from finished," he said, a reference to his iconic Fat Albert character.

Cosby's comeback tour has been dogged by hecklers. At a show in Canada last week, an audience member shouted, "You are a rapist!"

Cosby's strongest statement yet came just one day after an exotic dancer filed a formal complaint with LAPD claiming Cosby molested her at the Playboy Mansion six years ago.

Meanwhile, movie director Judd Apatow, who has been an outspoken critic of Cosby's, brought up the rape allegations at the Critics' Choice Awards where he was presenting the award for Best Director.  

Apatow said, "Somebody bailed out last minute and so they called me. They knew I'd be home tweeting about Cosby. I was available."