97-Year-Old Ukrainian Man Named 'World’s Oldest Tennis Player'

Tennis ball in gateTennis ball in gate
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Playing since he was 30 years old, Leonid Stanislavskyi has earned himself a place in the Guinness World Records.

A 97-year-old Ukrainian man has been named the world’s oldest tennis player.

Leonid Stanislavskyi has been playing tennis for over 50 years, and Guinness World Records has officially put him in the books as a record holder. 

He took up the hobby when he was 30 and since then he’s trained about three times a week, an activity which he credits for his longevity he tells Inside Edition.

He’s been competing in tournaments for decades and is currently preparing to compete in the 2021 Super-Seniors World Championship in Spain come October. In order to continue competing, he urged the organization to create an over-90 category.

Stanislavskyi has no plans of stopping and has big plans for the future. In fact, for his 100th birthday he told Inside Edition that he wants to play against tennis-great Roger Federer.

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