American Sniper Killer Found Guilty

Former Marine, Eddie Ray Routh, was convicted of murdering American Sniper Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.

Guilty as charged. Eddie Ray Routh is going to jail for life with no hope of parole.

The former Marine was convicted of murdering famed American Sniper Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.

Kyle's parents and brother embraced outside the courtroom and Littlefield’s mother spoke with raw emotion.

She told reporters outside the court, "We are so thrilled that we have the verdict that we have tonight."

Chris Kyle’s widow, Taya, reportedly stormed out of the courtroom during the defense closing arguments and wasn't in court when the verdict was read.  

We're now hearing for the first time the heartbreaking testimony Taya gave during the trial. The audio was embargoed by the judge until now.  

A lawyer asked her, "Who were you married to prior to February 2, 2013?"

An emotional Taya replied, "Chris Kyle."

Clutching her husband's dog tags, Taya described the last time she saw him, "We just said we loved each other and gave a kiss and a hug like we always did."

The defendant, Eddie Ray Routh, claimed he suffers from PTSD and was insane when he shot the two heroes in the back.

But the jury didn't believe him.  Six of them spoke to Good Morning America.

George Stephanopoulos asked the jurors, "Did you all think he was faking?"

One of the jurors replied, "That was something we had to figure out from the beginning. I know a lot of us came into this jury questioning that."

The jurors say the hit movie, American Sniper, did not influence their verdict.

They had this message for Taya and the families, "It is a very sad story, it is a tragedy. I hope the families, the Littlefield and the Kyle families, get some closure over this."