What Llama Drama Wranglers Did Wrong

They are the llamas on the lam whose mad dash to freedom captivated the nation. Now, some Monday morning quarterbacks are critiquing the people trying to catch them.

It's the wild and wooly llama chase that had everybody watching, and now the question is, were the people in pursuit doing it all wrong?

In the midst of the madness in Sun City, Arizona, animal expert Anthony Brown tweeted: "Rather than trying to physically grab the llamas, authorities should be trying to contain them. Herd them into a yard."

Looks as if he was right about that! The faster the rescuers pursued, the faster the llamas ran and every time those llamas named Laney and Carneta were surrounded, they managed to get away!

Stephanie Schmidt works at the assisted living facility the llamas had been visiting. The animals were bringing comfort to the residents, just before their great escape.

She said, "It was a crazy day. We chased them around our community for about two hours. They would run one way and then they would run another way."

One guy actually got his hand on the black llama, but not for long and he should be glad about that!

Anthony Brown tweeted: "Once the animals are grabbed, expect to be kicked, pushed, and spit on."

Don't believe it? In a video posted on YouTube, a boy got too close to a llama and the animal spit at him in the face.

By the time the runaway llamas were lassoed, the internet was buzzing with llama memes.

One compared them to Thelma and Louise!

And actor Lorenzo Lamas got into the spirit of it with this image on his Twitter page and the caption: "A pack of llamas gets loose in Arizona! Exclusive photo!"

Schmidt told INSIDE EDITION, "It was a crazy day and I am just glad that it ended the way it did."