Delta Air Lines Runway Debacle At LaGuardia

'The Airport Is Closed. The Airport Is Closed.'

The passengers on board the Delta flight that skidded off the runway at New York's LaGuardia airport are speaking out.

Sam Stern and his wife, Roxanne, were in the exit row and pulled open the emergency door so everyone could get out.

He told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian, "It felt like, you know, I was in my car and my car was losing control on the ground and we were just sliding sideways."

He added, "Everyone was really calm and just, you know, hoping for the best and wondering what was going to happen. It was actually silent. It was dead silent."

The flight out of Atlanta hit the runway hard, skidded to the left, and crashed into a fence.

It came close to slipping into the water!

The airport drama played out in real-time as passenger's took to Twitter.

Among them was Jaime Primak, a cast member on Bravo TV's reality show Jersey Belle. She tweeted: "We just crash landed at LGA. I'm terrified. Please..."

We just crash landed at LGA. I'm terrified. Please...

— Jaime Primak (@JaimePrimak) March 5, 2015

Another passenger shot a video on her cell phone as the other passengers scrambled out of the plane. In the video the wing of the plane appears to have snapped off!

New York Giants tight-end Larry Donnell was also on the plane and posted a video on Instagram. He was even able to crack a joke, saying, "Look at this [expletive]! Knew I shoulda stayed my ass at home."

The airport, the 20th busiest airport in America, immediately shut down.

Now, investigators will begin to figure out what happened. The snowstorm that hit the New York Metropolitan region is certainly believed to have been a factor.

One video was shot by a passenger on another plane that landed at LaGuardia about an hour before the Delta flight. It was shot by Brook Geraghty, a former contestant on Survivor Vanuatu.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "When we landed I looked down and it looked like there was a lot of snow on the runway. I travel a lot, and even when it's snowing out the runway is usually concrete, totally clear, I feel totally safe. But, when I looked down I was like 'Man, there is a lot of snow out right now.'"