This Single Mother of Two Pays $1,000 To Live In A Garage

This real estate market is so out of control that a single mother of two is happy to live in a garage.

One single mom with two kids lives in a one-car garage!

You heard right - a garage!

Nicole Jones pays $1,000 a month to call the converted garage "home."
It's only 250 square feet, just enough room to hold her bed, wide-screen TV, and a tiny kitchen.

Nicole cooks her meals in the microwave and toaster-oven.

She even has a bathroom in the garage with a toilet and a shower!

Jones told INSIDE EDITION, "My daughter likes it when I plug up the shower hole and make a little bathtub for her."

We know what you're thinking, why would anyone pay $1,000 to live in a garage? Well, it's location, location, location. The garage is located in the middle of one of America's wealthiest zip codes, Silicon Valley, where employees from Apple and Google have pushed rents into the stratosphere.

Jones said, "I know it's a garage, but this was nicer than everything that I had looked at that was almost twice the price."

For now, she's happy calling this garage "home."