Dr. Phil On Racist Frat Boys: 'How Dumb Can These Kids Be?'

"Stupidity, apparently has no limits."

"Stupidity, apparently has no limits."

Those are the harsh words from Dr. Phil about the ringleaders of the racist frat house chant. He spoke with INSIDE EDITiON's Jim Moret.

Dr. Phil said, "How dumb can these kids be? They get on this bus in the YouTube generation where everybody is carrying a camera, and behave in this ridiculous way, and put themselves out there in this way and then say, 'This isn't who we are.' Then don't behave this way!'

One of the expelled students from the University of Oklahoma said the racist rant was taught to him, indicating it's a long-standing tradition in the fraternity.

"I just think that is ridiculous. The fact that they did it, they had to have an explanation that it was okay. What I hope is that people don't look at this and paint the entire University of Oklahoma with the actions of these few people on this bus," said Dr. Phil.

What does the future hold for the ringleaders, now that everyone knows who they are?

Moret asked, "Is there redemption for these kids involved in this, or are their lives ruined?"

Dr. Phil said, "Sure. They need to be held accountable for this. And whatever that accountability is, they need to deal with that. Then, put this behind them and let it be a lesson and move on. I certainly hope this doesn't ruin their lives."