Obamas May Buy 'Magnum P.I.' Mansion

It's not cheap.

Could a stunning Hawaiian mansion be the future home of President Obama?

The mansion may look familiar. It's the same mansion that served as the backdrop for the classic TV series Magnum P.I. that launched Tom Selleck to stardom.

An aerial view showed the three-acre oceanfront estate that just sold for $8.7 million.

How the sale may be linked to the Obamas is through a document that reveals the buyer to be a holding company represented by Seth R. Madorsky, who is a Chicago lawyer and an Obama campaign donor.

Honolulu TV station KHON reported that the name of one of the president's closest friends, golfing buddy Marty Nesbitt, is also involved in the sale.

Speculation has been growing about where the Obamas will live when they leave The White House in 2017. Earlier this week came reports that the first family was to move to New York City, and that may still happen. But it looks as if he's also buying a place in Hawaii, where Obama grew up.

The estate is on the island of Oahu.  It has five bedrooms and its own tennis court.  A rusted gate outside the home indicates the property has known better days. But mountains, turquoise water and white sandy beaches surround the home and create incredible views.

In Magnum, P.I., the estate was called "Robin's Nest.” In real life it's known as the Anderson Estate, owned by the same wealthy family since it was built in 1933.

Soon, it could have its most famous residents of all.