A 27-Year-Old Maryland Woman Faces 40 Years in Prison for Strangling Her 92-Year-Old Roommate

Julia Birch mugshot
Montgomery County Department of Police

Authorities say Julia Birch attempted to suffocate an elderly woman with a plastic bag, but when that failed, the 27-year-old strangled the 92-year-old to death.

A 27-year-old Maryland woman pled guilty to second-degree murder after suffocating her 92-year-old roommate in 2021.

In July 2021, Montgomery County Police responded to a residence after Julia Birch, 27, called 911 to report the death of her 92-year-old roommate, Nancy Ann Frankel, according to police. 

Police said that upon arrival, Birch allegedly notified them that she had killed her roommate.

According to FOX 5, Birch attempted to suffocate Frankel by putting a plastic bag over her head. When that failed, the 27-year-old strangled the 92-year-old to death, the outlet said. 

Birch was arrested and charged in the woman's death and later was evaluated by a state doctor and was found to be experiencing psychotic symptoms during the murder, FOX 5 reported. 

Birch pleaded guilty on Monday to second-degree murder and is scheduled to have her sentencing on June 29, where she could be facing up to 40 years in prison, according to WUSA 9

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