A California Man Wearing Only Boxers and 1 Sock Arrested After Allegedly Setting Fire To Church

Authorities say the suspect stayed on the roof for about an hour before jumping to the top of neighboring buildings and structures. 

A man, wearing only boxers and one sock, allegedly vandalized a church and ran across building rooftops afterward, officials said.

Los Angeles Police took a 25-year-old man into custody on suspicion of arson after he allegedly set fire to a cross on the roof of a Catholic church.

Firefighters originally arrived at the church, believing they were coming to the aid of someone who was suicidal. The suspect stayed on the roof for about an hour, authorities said, before jumping to the top of neighboring buildings. 

He was tracked by a police helicopter as he took dangerous leaps on top of apartment buildings, houses and garages. The man even clambered across utility lines and cables to move from structure to structure.

During the pursuit, LAPD turned off their spotlight, hoping it might calm the man down.

A family home was evacuated by police just before the suspect entered it. That’s where he was taken into custody. The suspect, who was taken for medical attention by the police and has not given his name, is being held on $75,000 bail.

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