A Mass of Capybaras Has Taken Over an Upscale Neighborhood in Argentina

Capybaras are native to South America. They weigh about 120 pounds and are about three feet tall. 

A mass of capybaras, a giant South American rodent species, has taken over an upscale neighborhood in Argentina. The bold animals can be seen wandering through streets and gardens in the Nordelta District.

Because of this, residents say the region's relationship with the capybara has turned from friendly to complicated.

Since 2019, residents have been reporting incidents related to the capybaras, including road accidents and pet attacks.

They’re native to South America, weigh about 120 pounds and are about three feet tall. 

A local conservationist says the rodents are being driven into urban areas for several reasons.

One being that fewer predators are around to keep the capybara population in check, and fires in 2020 destroyed a large swath of their wetlands habitat in the delta of the Paraná River.

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