A Nebraska Man Wins the Lottery Twice in 5 Days

Sergey Nastin holding a large $20,000 check
Nebraska Lottery

The lucky man told the Nebraska Lottery that he’ll be paying bills and possibly buying a jet ski.

A Nebraska man won the lottery not once, but twice!

Sergey Nastin went to the Nebraska Lottery headquarters on Aug. 19 to claim the $20,000 top prize from the scratch-off game, Mega Multiplier, The Lincoln Journal Star reported.

The odds of winning the top prize are one in 58,500 according to the Nebraska Lottery.

Nastin told the lottery he was going to use the money to pay bills but also “keep some for something fun like a jet ski.”

Just five days later, Nastin went back to the Nebraska Lottery headquarters to claim his second jackpot from the same game of $1000, according to The Lincoln Journal Star.

The Nebraska Lottery website says the odds of winning the $1000 prize are 1 in 39,000.

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