A Trail of Candy Wrappers Lead Georgia Police to a Burglar in Connection to Theft Ring: Police

Milky Way Wrapper on ground
Coweta County Sheriff's Office

The suspect was allegedly part of a theft ring responsible for two separate houses being burgled, and five vehicles being broken into, police told Inside Edition Digital.

The sweet tooth of a criminal led to his capture after police followed a trail of candy wrappers to his home, according to authorities.

Eight people were arrested in Georgia in connection to a theft ring that has been targeting homes and cars, FOX 5 reported

The first suspect arrested from the ring was found after investigators followed a trail of Milky Way wrappers from a victim's home, through the woods, to the suspect's home, according to FOX 5.

Coweta County Sheriff's Office told Inside Edition Digital that Gerald Benett, the suspected sweet tooth burglar, stole items from the victim's home along with a bag of candy that he enjoyed on his walk home through the woods.

All eight suspects and one juvenile, whose identity has not been revealed, have been arrested, the sheriff's office told Inside Edition Digital. 

A neighboring county found a firearm that was stolen from one of the victims' residences and was able to tie the Bennett to the theft ring, according to the sheriff's office. 

The sheriff's office said they suspect that the members of the theft ring lived close to the victims and would transport the stolen goods through the woods and hide them under the leaves.

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