Accused Bakery Burglar Caught After Owner Makes Wanted Posters Out of Cookies

After the suspect's arrest, a second batch of cookies were made showing his mugshot behind bars.

After a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bakery was broken into and the thief made off with the cash register, owner Karen Krieg had a sweet idea to catch the crook. Using the image from her surveillance camera, she distributed dozens of cookies to customers with the man’s face on it, making an edible wanted poster.

“It just came to me. We realized we only had one really good shot of his face,” Krieg said. “We happen to have an amazing cookie decorator. Once we got the images printed, I turned them over to her and she just made beautiful cookies out of them.”

They distributed dozens of the cookies to customers. On Facebook they invited people to “come on in and take a bite out of the thief while supplies last.”

“Within about 18 minutes of the post hitting social media, several people in the community had identified him,” Krieg said. 

Dominic Kolp, 45, was taken into custody and charged with burglary. The bakery celebrated Kolp's arrest with cookies decorated with his mugshot behind bars.

Kolp denies going into the bakery. His ex-wife says it was him on the surveillance video. 

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