Accused Katy Perry Stalker In Custody After Allegedly Trying To Rush Stage At Miami Show

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A die-hard fan of Katy Perry has been arrested for allegedly stalking the singer “all around the country.”

Pawel Jurski, a 37-year-old man from Poland, allegedly followed Perry as she performed at concerts in Chicago, Toronto, Grand Rapids, Tampa, Orlando and this week in Miami as part of her Witness tour.

"He says he's going to do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry," Judge Mindy Glazer said as she read from a police report inside a Miami courtroom Thursday. "He follows this woman all around the country."

At the 33-year-old pop princess' Miami show at the American Airlines Arena Wednesday, he allegedly tried to rush the stage. He was promptly stopped by security before he could reach her.

Police say he also climbed a fire escape at her South Beach hotel and hid in a stairwell in a bid to reach her suite. 

His lawyer insisted he is just another massive fan and compared him with the infamous Deadheads, or fans of The Grateful Dead, who would attend numerous gigs by the iconic jam band.

The judge wasn't impressed by the explanation.

“This is not the Grateful Dead. This is a woman who is performing and he says he is going to do whatever it means — whatever it takes — to be with her,” Glazer said. 

Glazer added that Jurski does more than just go to the concerts like regular fans who want to see their favorite artist.

"[He] followed her into a restaurant — where was it — in Tampa. He goes to a hotel and hides in the stairwell, he goes towards the stage area, the restricted area at the triple-A arena," Glazer continued. "That's a little more than going to a concert."

Bond in the case was set at $34,000. He remains in police custody. 


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