Actress Who Portrays Killer in Upcoming Horror Movie Charged With Killing Uncle in Real Life

The actress remains in jail without bond and her trial is set for next month. She has pleaded not guilty.
'From the Dark'

In the horror film "From the Dark," actress Aisling Tucker Moore Reed's character is involved in a shooting. Now, Reed is actually being investigated for being a real life killer, and the filmmakers say they had no idea when they started making the movie.

“I was a bit shocked, all of us quite were,” director Patrick Dolan told Inside Edition. 

An Oregon judge has recently ordered her held without bond for the alleged murder of her uncle. The deadly confrontation came in 2016 while Reed's family was at odds over a home that belongs to her 91-year-old grandmother. The actress' uncle, Shane Moore, had hired a notary to certify his mother's signature on a grant deed to the house the day he was shot.

The ruling in Jackson County came after shocking cellphone footage was played in court that allegedly captured Reed committing the shooting. In the video, her 63-year-old uncle approaches the home where the family was gathered arguing over a property deed.

Although police took Reed's phone shortly after the shooting, they returned it to her without finding the video because they did not have the passcode to open the device, The Oregonian reported last year.

Reed, who had a restraining order against him, was angry he was there. Reed continued to record as she raised her gun and fired. Family members reacted as the uncle lay dying.

Reed was initially charged with manslaughter. She auditioned for the film while out on bail. Filming started in April 2018, about five months before she was arrested and charged with murder.

She posted bail but was rearrested in 2018 and indicted for murder. On Friday, an Oregon judge ordered her back to jail without bail until her December trial.

Dolan said the actress "knocked it out of the park" when it came to her audition and performance on screen, adding, "She probably drew from a lot of real life events." 

The filmmakers say they hope to set a premiere date at an area theater in 2020. The crew found out about the manslaughter charges against Reed on July 23, 2018, one day after the filming wrapped. 

The actress remains in jail without bond and her trial is set for next month. She has pleaded not guilty.


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