Adorable Baby Gorilla Cuddles With Her Mother at Brookfield Zoo

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It's an adorable name for an adorable baby girl!

The newest addition to the Brookfield Zoo’s four generations of western lowland gorillas has been named Ali, the Chicago Zoological Society announced.

The 1-month-old gorilla has remained close to her mother, Koola, resting on her belly and enjoying the attention heaped on the youngest of the brood, video showed.

Ali is Koola’s third baby, having previously had 13-year-old Kamba and 4-year-old Nora. 

As Ali gets older, she will transition to riding on Koola’s back. 

Western lowland gorillas are considered critically endangered, so news of Ali’s birth was welcomed news.

About 350 western lowland gorillas live in zoos in North America.

Ali and Koola can be visited at the Zoo’s Africa habitat. 


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