Busch Gardens Gorilla Bolingo Apes Trainer as They Do Handstands Together

Bolingo the gorilla does a handstand after watching his trainer do one.

Bolingo the gorilla is now an internet star.

Video shot at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay show him mimicking a handstand by one of his human trainers. It was posted on Facebook, where viewers are going ape.

The big simian was mimicking his 28-year-old buddy Rachel Hale, who works with Bolingo each week in a series of activities designed to deepen the bond they share.

In the footage, Hale is seen doing a handstand while walking her feet up the glass of Bolingo's enclosure.

The gorilla first puts his hands against Hale's feet, then catches on that his feet should be where Hale's are, so he turns himself around, gets his legs up and voila! Gorilla and woman are standing toe to toe. 

"This type of training enables us to build trusting and positive relationships with the animals that call Busch Gardens home in order to provide them with the most mentally and physically stimulating environment possible," the park posted to Facebook.

For his stellar work, Bolingo got a treat and a two-dimensional hug against the glass from Hale.