After Being Beat by the Taliban for Covering Women’s Protests, 2 Afghan Journalists Show Their Bruises

Two young journalists were detained and beaten by the Taliban for covering a women's protest for basic rights.

Two Afghan journalists covering a women’s protest have said they were detained and beaten by the Taliban while doing their job.

Tagi Daryabi, 22, and his colleague were arrested and had their hands bound behind their backs before being taken to a local police station.

Upon their arrival at the Kabul station, Darayabi said the two heard screams coming from a nearby room, later assuming they were from others suffering similar beatings.

The women in Kabul are protesting the lack of basic rights from the new Afghan leaders, which has included marches and demonstrations with shouting and signage. Reportedly, they too were beaten by the Taliban with batons.

According to Daryabi's newspaper and other media, it is unclear whether these physical punishments from some of the local police are authorized by Taliban leadership.

It is estimated that the Taliban has detained and released at least 14 journalists covering the protests in Kabul, according to The Committee to Protect Journalists.

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