After Discovering Affair, Man Kills Wife’s Lover and Forces Her to Cut Off His Head, Cops Say

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Content warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers.

A New Hampshire couple is behind bars after the husband allegedly shot and killed the man his wife was having an affair with and then forced his wife to decapitate the body, according to police. Police said Brittany Barron told them that her husband Armando Barron was looking through her phone when he found text messages from her coworker, Jonathan Amerault.

Brittany, whose booking photo showed her with two black eyes, said her husband began beating her about the face repeatedly and strangled her so hard she passed out. Then, according to court documents, Armando texted his wife's lover pretending to be her, luring him to meet at a park.

According to investigators, Armando led Jonathan by gunpoint into the back of his car, and forced his wife to slit Jonathan's wrists. The married couple got into the front seat of the car, where Brittany told investigators her husband turned and shot Jonathan three times, twice in the chest and once in the head.

The couple drove 200 miles with the body into the forest, where the husband "ordered Brittany to cut off Jonathan's head" with a saw "so that he could not be identified," according to court documents.

"The defendant decapitated Jonathan, wrapped his head in a tarp and placed it in a grave," prosecutor Scott Chase told Inside Edition.

The gruesome crime was exposed when fish and game officers came upon the scene.

Armando Barron pleaded not guilty to murder. His wife Brittany was charged with falsifying physical evidence. She also pleaded not guilty.

"Everything that the state alleges that Ms. Barron did, she did under duress, and I mean under duress, meaning direct fear for her life," said Brittany's lawyer Richard Guerriero.


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