After Kelly Ripa's Fireplace Scare, How You Can Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

The morning talk show host was terrified as the flames ignited her carpet.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos ended their Saturday with a bang, as the TV personality and actor’s fireplace exploded while they were relaxing in front of the fire.

The glass doors of the couple’s fireplace shattered after apparently overheating, Ripa and Consuelos said in an Instagram post.

“The glass exploded on the spark guard, I guess it’s called — it got too hot,” Consuelos said.

Ripa also shared a photo of the aftermath, writing “When the fireplace explodes and you literally have no idea what to do. Grab the sleds and the cookie sheets?”

She discussed the chaotic incident on Monday’s Live With Kelly and Ryan, explaining that the fireplace exploded seconds after she turned away from the fire. 

"I scream and Mark screams and there’s a moment where the carpet’s on fire and we are staring at each other like, ‘Are you hit?’ … ‘Are we alive?’" Ripa said. 

No one was harmed in the incident.

Though many fireplaces feature glass doors, experts say they are not made to withstand the heat given off by a fire.

In Ripa and Consuelos' case, "the glass overheated," Sal Finocchiaro, owner of NYC Fireplaces, told Inside Edition. "It wasn't designed to go beyond the temperature and shattered."

Finocchiaro says it's important to always have the doors open when a fire is going, noting that they are only there for show and to stop a draft when the fireplace is off.