After Scott Peterson's Sentence Was Overturned, Prosecutors Say They Will Again Seek Death Penalty

Prosecutors said Friday they will again seek the death penalty in Scott Peterson’s resentencing after his sentence was overturned by the California Supreme Court two months ago.

Two months after convicted killer Scott Peterson's capital murder sentence was overturned by the California Supreme Court, prosecutors said on Friday they will again seek the death penalty against Peterson. Peterson, 47, appeared in court via video feed from San Quentin State Prison.

Sixteen years ago, Peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, in a trial that riveted the nation. Laci had disappeared on Christmas Eve, and cops arrested Scott after massage therapist Amber Frey said she had started dating Scott a month earlier when he told her his wife was dead.

Laci’s body, along with her unborn son, washed ashore four months later.

The case was reopened earlier this year after the court ruled that one of the jurors had committed “prejudicial misconduct” by failing to disclose that she had obtained a restraining order against her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend when she was pregnant.

Now it’s possible that Peterson may also get an entire new trial after a judge was ordered to decide whether his murder convictions should be overturned.

“If the motion is granted to retry the case, everything starts from the beginning again,” Peterson’s lawyer said.

Janey Peterson, Scott Peterson’s sister-in-law, said she believes he’s innocent. She last visited Scott in March right before lockdown at the prison due to COVID-19.