Aggressive Goose Bullies Utah Pedestrians to Protect Its Nearby Nest

It was simply protecting its unhatched babies!

A Utah couple is speaking out about an aggressive goose dubbed “Gangsta” seen terrorizing anyone who dared to come within its vicinity.

Video taken by John and Narelle Canaan shows the goose swooping in the minute they stepped foot outside their house in South Jordan. Other footage shows the angry bird confronting anyone who came close to him on the paved path outside their home.

Before going outside, John Canaan had to cover up in a snowsuit and a motorcycle helmet to fend off the goose, with a giant umbrella in tow.

Things got so bad, they put a sign up that said: “Dangerous, Insane Goose. Beware!”

“He would get that little head going down — just that is terrifying. But the dive bombing was the worst,” John said.

“We were literally listening to yelling and screaming every day and night, because everyone jogs right in the pathway,” Narelle said.

During one encounter, a little girl on a bike was cornered by the goose. John came to the rescue with his trusted umbrella!

It was Narelle who figured out that there must be a nest closeby to prompt such aggressive behavior. 

“Little did we know that it was right in our front yard,” Narelle said.

Once the babies hatched, the goose escorted them to a nearby pond, and his reign of terror was over.

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