Ahead of COVID-19 Vaccine FDA Approval, Some Worry Wealthy Will Try to Skip Line

FDA approval for the vaccine is expected by Dec. 15.

With COVID-19 numbers getting worse, a vaccine can’t come soon enough. But there is concern that people anxious to wait their turn will turn to buying them from the black market.

Millions of doses of the vaccine are being stored in giant distribution hubs, including one in Chicago. They’re under very tight security as they await emergency approval from the FDA, which is expected to come Dec. 15.

There’s worry the rich and privileged will do whatever they can to jump ahead of the line. Inside Edition spoke to Dr. Arthur Caplan, a medical ethics professor at New York University.

“Wealthy people may go to a concierge doctor who makes an arrangement to get ahold of a vaccine, can handle the refrigeration and makes it available to people in a practice for a price,” Caplan told Inside Edition.

Concierge doctor Abe Malkin says some corporations may try to game the system.

“Certainly those who are most at risk and most vulnerable should be treated first. I think it’s my moral obligation to uphold those standards," Malkin said.

When asked about the potential for other concierge doctors to offer the vaccine for a price, Malkin added, “Yes, I’m sure there will be some who would be tempted to take that measure to keep their patients happy, not just physicians. I’m sure there are companies right now that are lobbying the government to get pushed to the front of the line."

But conservative pundit Bill Bennett thinks the vast majority of Americans will do the right thing.

“There won’t be people pushing other people out of the line. People will do and act respectfully toward this,” Bennett said.