Airborne Toxic Event’s Mikel Jollett: From Growing Up in an Alleged Cult to Becoming a Successful Musician

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Mikel Jollett’s parents were part of a group called Synanon, a drug rehab program which many people considered to be a cult.

Inside Edition Digital’s Sal Bono has been following the career of Mikel Jollett and his band, Airborne Toxic Event, for years.

But until he read Jollett’s memoir, “Hollywood Park,” he had no idea of the singer’s extraordinary childhood.

Jollett’s parents were part of a group called Synanon, which many people consider to be a cult.

Jollett himself grew up in that organization, having been born in what he said was an orphanage inside the organization in California in the '70s.

“It's not so much that I set out to write a book about cults and families and addiction and the search for true love, which is what my book is about,” Jollett explained. “It's that I really wanted to write a book that dealt with my biggest joys and deepest struggles, and those things just happen to be that.”

Jollett chatted with Sal about his story, his memoir and the dark moments in his childhood.

What was discovered was highlighted on The Breakdown, where the story behind the story is shared.

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