Alabama Man Pulled Over for Driving Jet Ski on Highway

Jet Ski
Daphne Police Department

Turns out the vehicle was actually street-legal and even had tags.

An Alabama man was pulled over for driving his jet ski on a highway in Daphne recently, according to reports.

The Daphne Police Department took to Facebook on May 5 to post an image of a man, whose face they blurred out, to showcase that he was riding a jet ski on a busy highway.

The incident occurred on U.S. 98 east of Mobile, according to KIRO.

“Law enforcement is often a grim occupation. We so often deal with people who are having the worst day of their lives,” the police wrote on Facebook.

“Sometimes we think we have seen all there is to see. But all of a sudden, there are 9-1-1 calls about a guy driving a jet ski on 98, making us glad we do what we do,” police added. “Since this thing was tagged and street legal and he was from out of state, we sent him off with a warning and instructions to get a helmet.”

While the man on the jet ski has not been identified, cops gave him a warning, but then reports surfaced that the vehicle was more than a jet ski.

The man was reportedly riding a “boatercycle,” which reported was an old model jet ski converted into a street vehicle.

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