Florida Mom Upset After Husband Puts Cake in Her Face During Son's 1st Birthday

Did this "smash the cake" trend go a bit too far?

Most babies get to destroy the cake on their first birthday but this little one never got the chance.

When little Robert was turning a year old and a yummy cake was right in front of him for his birthday, dad helped him taste the icing and encouraged his son to go for it and dig into the treat with his hands.

What his dad wanted was called “smash the cake,” which is a trend on social media.

"Everybody has their child do a cake smash for their first birthday,” Robert’s mom, Candi Mulroy, of Tampa, Florida, told Inside Edition.

But the father took things a step further and hit Candi in the face with the cake. Candi posted a video on social media where it has gone viral.

When Candi posted the video, she captioned it, “If he ever does this again, he won’t live to talk about it.”

“I though he wanted me to take a bite of it or lick it and the next thing you know I’m wearing it,” Candi said. "I was very hurt. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I FaceTimed my dad and just cried like a baby."

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