Lifestyle Expert Erika Katz Shows Inside Edition How Some Foods Can Double as Cleaning Supplies

Erika Katz shows Inside Edition how items like rice, tea and bread can be used as cleaning supplies in your home.

Run out of cleaning supplies? Worry not. Some foods can in fact help clean up your mess.

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz shows Inside Edition how some grocery items can double as cleaning supplies.

Dealing with broken glass? Don’t sweat it! A slice of bread will do the trick, Katz says. It can absorb spills while also picking up glass shards.

Pesky food stains left over in reusable containers can be wiped away after pouring in some rice, water and dish soap. Katz says to cover the container and shake it well. After a rinse, the container should be good as new.

Fingerprint smudges on a mirror, but have no Windex to get rid of them? Pour a cup of tea into a spray bottle and spray mirrors and windows to remove stains.

Grime on your cutting board can be wiped away after sprinkling it with salt and using a lemon to rub the board. 

And above all, remember not to rule out food when it’s time for spring cleaning.

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