New York Woman Gets Finger Stuck in Plastic Shopping Cart, First Responders Arrive En Masse

Her finger wasn't the only thing turning red when an embarrassed woman got her finger stuck in a shopping cart and had to be rescued by paramedics.

A New York woman somehow managed to get her finger stuck in the hole of a plastic shopping cart and couldn't pull herself free.

Store employees tried to help, but were no help at all, and Ashley Nolan's finger began turning red and other disturbing colors.

Then law enforcement showed up.

And the paramedics.

And an ambulance.

"Oh my God, the sheriff is here," a mortified Nolan says while a friend videotapes the kerfuffle.

An EMT asked the burning question. "How'd you manage to do that?" 

It's a long story with a long history.

Nolan often fiddles with things out of anxiety, she said. She has gotten herself stuck in strange objects before, including the dashboard of a bus, she says.

"My hands just kind of fiddle and fidget," Nolan tells Inside Edition from her Johnson City home in upstate New York. "And I don't know I'm doing it until I get stuck," she says.

But she'd never had to call 911. Until the shopping cart mishap. At the front of the store, she watched with dismay as fire trucks arrived.

"Oh good," she said sheepishly, "there's more."

It took 30 minutes to cut through the plastic so Nolan could pull out her finger.

"Ow, ow, ow," she cried as she was freed.

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