'Alibi Couch' Alex Murdaugh Claimed He Was Sleeping Around Time of Murders Sells for $36,000 at Estate Sale

Hundreds flocked to the Thursday afternoon estate sale to sift through the remnants of the Murdaugh family's belongings.

Items that once belonged in the Murdaugh home were placed on auction during a Thursday estate sale, held just weeks after Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to life in prison for the double murder of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul.

One such item, nicknamed the “alibi couch,” sold for $36,000 alongside a matching sofa and recliners. The couch, with cushions monogrammed with Maggie’s initials “MBM,” was where Alex claimed he napped around the time his wife and son were shot to death.

The buyer, Philip Jennings, planned to use the set at his own hunting lodge.

Another item listed was a box of assorted shotgun cartridges from the home, alongside a rack of hunting clothes. A camouflage t-shirt bore Alex’s handwritten name, and a pair of khaki chinos has his surviving son Buster’s name written on the waistband.

Maggies’s fur coat was also sold off.

A longhorn hunting trophy fetched $10,000, and a green bicycle with a wicker basket jury members saw when they visited the murder scene went for $3,000.

Bidders, who flocked to the estate sale by the hundreds, were invited to pick through the remnants of their belongings before the auction officially started, and many in attendance saw the event as a snapshot into the once rich and powerful family’s life. 

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