All Aboard Survive After New York City Bus Hangs off Bronx Expressway Following Crash Into Barricade

The cause of the collision is under investigation by the NYPD, FDNY and MTA.

A New York City bus crashed into a barricade on the Cross Bronx Expressway Thursday night, leaving it hanging off the highway, according to reports.

The harrowing scene of a New York City bus dangling off an expressway sent shockwaves through the city that never sleeps. Eight people were reported injured and fortunately there were no fatalities, ABC News reported. The injured were brought to local hospitals for treatment. One was treated for serious injuries while the others were treated for non life threatening injuries, the FDNY said.

The incident occurred just after 11 p.m., when a Bx35 bus driver tried to turn left off University Avenue onto a ramp to the Washington Bridge, the New York Post reported. But the bus went off track, hit the barricade and dangled over the 50-foot overpass, the Post reported.

The front of the bus, which is a bendy bus, meaning it is a combined two carriages making it longer and bigger than regular city buses, went over the barricade, while the caboose remained on the expressway.

The bus was removed Friday morning, the Post reported.

The incident, while might feel local to New York City, made international headlines as the UK’s BBC and The Guardian reported on the incident.

The cause of the accident is under investigation by the NYPD, FDNY and MTA.