Alleged Mackenzie Lueck Killer Was Like Ted Bundy, Says Former House Cleaner

Tara Chatterton said she thought something was off with Ayoola Ajayi from the get-go. 

Tara Chatterton said she thought something was off with Ayoola Ajayi from the get-go. 

Hired to clean his Salt Lake City, Utah, house, Chatterton said she quit after just one day when she discovered his home was filled with cameras. "There was one in every single room for sure," Chatterton told Inside Edition. All told, she estimated there were eight to 10 in the home. 

She left and never returned, and as it turns out, it seems her initial instinct was right. 

Ajayi now faces charges of aggravated murder, kidnapping and desecration of a body in the death of Utah college student Mackenzie Lueck, who was last seen on June 17 and whose charred remains were found in Ajayi's backyard, according to police. 

Chatterton said Ajayi also asked her to bring her 12-year-old daughter, Cherish, with her when she cleaned the home. 

"I was weirded out because I went with her before but no one has, like, actually asked her to bring me," Cherish told Inside Edition.

But as odd as she said she found him, Chatterton said that Ajayi had a certain charm and reminded her of serial killer Ted Bundy.

"He creeped me out in a Ted Bundy-type way. Ted Bundy was very friendly and that's how he got his victims, you know," said Chatterton. 

Bundy killed five women around Salt Lake City in the 1980s and lived just 3 miles from Ajayi's present home.

Not much is known about Ajayi, who worked in tech support for a computer company and was an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and wannabe model. 

"I just knew in my gut that I should not go back," said Chatterton. "I could just feel it. I just knew that there was something wrong with it."

Ajayi has not yet entered a plea.