What to Know About Ayoola Ajayi, Suspect in Mackenzie Lueck's Murder

Ayoola Ajayi, 31, will be charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping and desecration of a body in her death, police said. 

Utah college student Mackenzie Lueck is dead, police said Friday, and a man has been arrested and will be charged with her murder.

Salt Lake City authorities identified the person arrested as Ayoola Ajayi, 31. He will be charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping and desecration of a body in her death. 

Police said neighbors reported seeing Ajayi burning something in his backyard with gasoline on June 17 and 18, police said. In a search of the backyard, investigators say they found charred human female tissue matching Lueck's DNA.

Not much is known about Ajayi, who worked in tech support for a computer company and was an avid bodybuilder and wannabe model. 

Ajayi is also believed to have joined Airbnb in 2016, according to the site. There were two separate listings for the home, which, according to KSL, offered visitors basement-level accommodations. 

It's also thought he's the same Ayoola Ajayi who self-published the novel "Forge Identity" on Amazon last year. A description states that the book is about a teen who "witnessed a gruesome murder" of a neighbor burned alive.

One chilling report also claims that Ajayi approached a contractor about building a soundproof room within his house.

“He slowly added on other requests, like building a secret door and adding hooks to the wall,” contractor Brian Wolf told Fox News. 

Wolf said that he also asked the construction be completed “before his girlfriend got back into town.”

"Weirded out" by the request, Wolf turned him down, he said.

Lueck, 23, had been missing since June 17. Her parents last heard from her when she texted them around 2 a.m. that morning and informed them she had made it safely back to Salt Lake City on a flight.

The University of Utah student then grabbed a Lyft, which she took to meet a man near Hatch Park. She did not look distressed when she got into the man’s car around 3 a.m., the driver told police. That man, police said, was Ajayi.

After Lueck's initial disappearance, it was reported that the University of Utah student was dating multiple people through online dating sites and apps, according to The Daily Mail. She was also a self-proclaimed “sugar baby,” according to a post she wrote in a private Facebook group months ago. 

“Try tinder and be blunt about it. Mine says 'I want a SD/SB relationship with a real connection.' If [they] don't know what a SD/SB is, tell them bluntly sugar daddy and sugar baby. But if they don't know, they aren't really worth your time," read one of Lueck's comments on the page.