Alligator Busts Into Home and Causes a Scene

The animal was removed by authorities.

An unwelcome guest popped into the home of a Florida resident. 

An 11-foot alligator busted through some low windows in the home and entered the kitchen.

It’s not clear if it was hungry, but it sure gave the homeowner a scare. They immediately called 911, Clearwater police said. 

"I have a gigantic alligator who is sitting in my kitchen — a huge one," the homeowner says in the call. 

"I'm sorry. Is it in your house?" the dispatcher asks.

"Yes! It's huge! I don't know how it got here but it's here," the homeowner replies.

A trapper was called to the scene and the animal was captured.

Pictures of the residence showed the reptile was not the happiest, but thankfully, no one was injured.