Canoe Gets Stuck on the Back of Massive Alligator in Florida

The gator came up to the surface of the water for 30 seconds before diving back underwater.

A boater was stuck between a rock and a hard place when he realized his canoe was caught on the back of an alligator.

Michael Mccarthy, of See Through Canoes in central Florida, said he felt his canoe stop as it floated over a rock.

Moments later, he realized he was actually sitting on top of an alligator that was coming up to the surface.

“After rising up under the canoe, the gator sat there for a full 30 seconds, which seemed like a really long time,” Mccarthy told “Then he backed up for a few feet before he submerged and disappeared.”

Mccarthy said the incident happened about two years ago, and since then, he’s shared the waters with plenty of other sea creatures, including manatees, dolphins and sea turtles, all visible from the transparent bottom of his canoes.