Cat Nap! Volunteer Captured Snoozing Alongside Rescue Kitties at Wisconsin Pet Sanctuary

Terry naps with cats
Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc.

Terry loves to get his naps in with the sanctuary's kitties by his side.

A Wisconsin pet sanctuary's sweet photos of a volunteer napping alongside the adoption center's cats are going viral. 

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. posted a series of pictures Tuesday, thanking volunteer Terry for keeping the felines company. 

"We are so lucky to have a human like Terry," the rescue wrote. "Terry just came along one day and introduced himself. He said he'd like to brush cats. Eventually it became every day. He brushes all of the cats, and can tell you about all of their likes and dislikes.

"He also accidentally falls asleep most days. We don't mind — Cats need this! Terry is a wonderful volunteer."

Uninterested in his 15 minutes of fame, Terry instead asked for donations to the nonprofit. 

And, in two days, a fundraiser on Save Haven's Facebook page has raised nearly $5,000, which founder Elizabeth Feldhausen told "Good Morning America" is enough to fund a year of the sanctuary's operations. 

Safe Haven is dedicated to helping find homes for cats with special needs.