Missouri Man's Pet Alligator Removed From Hot Tub as He's Evicted From Home

Kansas City does not allow its residents to own alligators as pets.

All Catfish the alligator wanted to do was spend a little more time with the jets as animal control removed him from a hot tub in a Missouri home.

The 7-foot-long alligator was one of several pets owned by Sean Casey, of Kansas City, who also has pythons and a rabbit.

“I got him when he was about this big,” Casey told KCTV, gesturing with his hands. “He was like 2 pounds. He’s been like my dog ever since.”

But when Casey was evicted from his home, animal control workers became involved. Because Kansas City doesn’t allow residents to keep alligators as pets, Catfish’s next home will be at the Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary in Greenwood.

Even though animal control specialists were extra cautious working with the animal, wary not to spook it, Casey insisted Catfish would pose them no danger.

“The animal control people could have jiggled his harness and he would have been smiling, ready to go outside,” he said. “I could call him and say, ‘Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,’ and he’ll come right to me. He’s like a dog.”

Casey insisted he’s not letting Catfish go without a fight.

“I don’t know what the procedure is, but I’ll fight, I’ll fight to get him back,” Casey insisted.