Alligator Gets 'Hangry' in a Florida Wendy's Parking Lot

Lee County Sheriff
Lee County Sheriff

The alligator was believed to be looking for another body of water when he made the pit stop.

An alligator was hungry just like everyone else at a Florida Wendy’s on Wednesday. The more than 6-foot animal was chasing pedestrians in the parking lot before it was captured.

The Lee County Sheriff joked that the animal was hangry. Officials were able to tie the reptile down and and relocate it safely to a nearby farm, according to reports.

The animal was measured at 7 feet, 3 inches in length.

"He may have just been 'hangry' for a cheeseburger, but he gave many quite the scare!” the Sheriff’s department wrote on their Facebook page.

The alligator was believed to be moving from one body of water to another, but appeared to make a pit stop at Wendy’s.

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